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released June 18, 2015

Wilson played most of the bass parts.
Nick played drums, some bass, keyboard, and engineered/mixed/mastered everything.
Songs guitar and singing playing by Dan.

Thanks to Adan for lending your guitar.
Ben for bass.
Toms & nick's dad for mics.
S/O to bard hall.
TY to whoever let us use their bass amp.



all rights reserved


Homeowner Annandale On Hudson, New York

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Track Name: Half
Half way home
is a long way
from all the way home

half way back
from a heart attack
in a halfway home
just means you're not dead yet

maybe you're right
i'm just being over polite
when we half way talked
i think it's the right call
cause i fucked it all up again

she is not alone tonight
i walked past her house
and i saw the light on
Track Name: Smokey
Blood grooves
behind your eyelids
and cuts into shapes in your head

You see me
falling asleep in a
strangers bedroom again

it's 2 am
and it's cold as hell

Cold smokey smell
in the kitchen
as I'm burning these eggs

You float
offa the stove top
to cover my eyes and my face

open your eyes
there's no one around

it's just one more day of driving around
checking your phone all the time
images pressed to your brain iron out
they coalesced
and blood's all that's left

Smoke floats
out of your moth
and swirls into shapes round your head

it's 2 am
and it's cold as hell
Track Name: Loss
Take what you need
and get the hell away from me

Or make like we're friends
like it's a past not a history

It's just a loss

Now that I'm lonely
it's nice to look miserable

Why should we talk
it's a bed not a history book

It's just a loss

Now that you've seen what I hold up my sleeves
trying hard to make friends stick around
it's just a loss
Track Name: Marianne
a back handed compliment.
a letter you wrote said
you meant to send
but you never meant a word

are you angry again?
tied up and wired on punishment
for some made up sin
like you were born bad to begin with

As if you'd been born
with those scars on your arm
and the bruises on you legs
and both your eyes black
the way that they were this morning
and the one before that

I hope your boyfriend dies
and I hope you dad dies too
and every abuser who
used you or tied you up
held you down or beat you up
drowns in the sound they refused you

Track Name: Joy
My biggest fear is that the drugs i take will stop doing what they're supposed to do. Who would I turn to then?
My biggest fear is a white room with padded walls: drugs and attendants and drugs. Who would I turn to then?
Who could hold my hand?
Who could show me the floor?
Who could hold my head when I'm caught
alone in cellar again?

But sometimes I feel joy,
that you wouldn't believe.
Track Name: Water Wings
That's a pretty dress
I know what's underneath it

It's not even a choice
back to the bathroom to beat it
back to your bathroom to beat it

But you can't have
everything you want
and you can ask anyone
but you can't have anyone

It's a funny sight
me in the water wings
that my mother made me wear
I must have been three
back when you were dying
back before you died and
left me
in the water

But you can't have
anything you want
and you can ask anyone
but you can't have anyone